Addie Silk Art
Sunflower Portrait
Morning Taos
Kuekenhof Gardens
Addie Chernus
Silk Painting Lessons
A lavishly illustrated educational silk painting book containing 10 lessons.  The lessons
teach in a step by step manner how to paint on silk using steam set dyes.  This spiral bound
68 page book has over 95 colored images printed on heavy coated cover stock.  
"My book will enhance your painting skills and bring you joy!"
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Sample Images from ADDIE SILK ART Book showing art in progress
Silk Painting Lessons
2 DVD Set
This is a wonderful educational silk painting DVD
containing 13 Chapters. Addie teaches how to
paint on silk to create finished art. This DVD is for
beginners to advanced students.  Addie shows
painting on silk with dyes to be a joyous, colorful
and magical experience. All art in this DVD has
been created by Addie who has a
Masters Degree in Education.
Language: English
Format: 16:9 Widescreen, Color
Time: Approx. 2 Hrs. and 45 Min.

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(800) 542-5227
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Sample of  my DVD
Plein Air Silk Painting in Europe
 Here is an art and travel book with over 270 colored photos of
locations, sketches, watercolors, silk art in progress and finished
silk art.  Included is an Information Chapter describing the process
and materials for Plein Air Painting on Silk and Basic Painting on
Silk.  This colorful 128 page spiral bound book is printed on heavy
coated stock.  For 4 months Addie and Mike camped in Belgium,
England, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Italy.
Addie shows Plein Air Painting on Silk in nature to be an
emotional, colorful and magical experience.

To order go to Dharma Trading (800) 542-5227
Addie Plein Air Painting in Switzerland