Addie Silk Art
Vignette of 20 Minute Live Silk Painting Performance
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I paint Live Silk Painting Performances which I call “Addie’s Dancing Brush” before
audiences. To create this art work I often use silk measuring 45” x 58” and
professional steam set dyes.  For larger paintings I use liquid acrylic paints.  I am not
visible to the audience because I stand behind the silk while the lights are aimed at the
silk from the front of the fabric.  Usually I use black dye/paint to quickly form the
images.  I choose which images I may use in the art depending on the event I am

The audience views the art “growing” on the silk, starting with outlines and coming
alive with color. The size of the silk depends on available space and time for
completion of the art. It is very exciting for the audience to see a colorful, quickly
painted silk art completed before their eyes.  The time schedule varies greatly with
each event.  I can finish a 45” x 58” silk in about 30 minutes.  Larger silks take more

This MAGICAL EXPERIENCE, for me and the audience, is a joyous display of Creative
Coloring, lively, quick and expressive development of a silk painting right before their

I have performed at a family gathering, an Art organization meeting, a play, a musical
performance and a Fashion Show for Silk Painters International

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